Indian Ocean Nov'09 - May'10

Sailing with our dutch friends Tjakko & Iris in Phanga bay,Thailand    
tjakko filming a mermaid oh.. it's Iris rising out of the water Haul-out at Ratanachai slipway. Dec'09
Divers preparing the stands, after having taken first Zwerver's measurements The pressure wash not only cleaned the bottom but also whiped off our waterline paint And while we were hauling-out, Ilse and Joost with their baby Siebe on Hafskip are going back into the water.
Similan Islands Jan'10
The caracteristic rockformation on the Similan islands  
Our favourite anchorage. Waiting 10 days for wind was no punishment. Starclipper, from Luxembourgh making friends
Andaman Islands
Down town Port Blair the Indian influence is unmistakable cows are a regular sight in town as well as on the beaches
endless beaches, all for us The Andaman fishing fleet on Saterdays everyone goes to the outer islands
unfortunately also this reminds us of mainland India relaxed athmosphere at Havelock village not much business...
Dolfins playing around the bow Zwerver anchored between two reefs in the Adhoo atol we dropped anchor next to 2 other dutch yachts, Odulphus and Angeligue II
Customs, immigration & health clearance, very efficient all in one go. fishing boat. They mostly catch yellow fin tunas fish is cleaned and sold on the spot. euro 1.50 pp
  Deserted beaches. The village sleeps most of the time
Chagos, March - May '10
absolutely no wind when aproaching Salomon atol inside the salomon atol. Clear waters, sugar white beaches and an abundancy of fish some 10 boats are anchored behind the reef between the numerous coral heads
The cross is commemorating those who were left behind. Every year there is a ceremony with flowers by the original population, now living in excile in Mauritius. there are ruins of old plantage houses, a jail... a church
over the years sailors built a picknick place and a shed to store tools and fishing gear numerous heremite crabs, everywhere you go this one hides in a flower thinking he's invincible
huge coconut crabs. Delicious? Protected! hiding in the trees they easily cut off your fingers, or more, with their claws.
A crab trying to dissapear and another one red footed boobie (photo by Peppe, thanks)
a regular visitor around breakfast time sunset over Boddam island Where's the pot with gold?
Ile Bodham, view from the dingy Ile Bodham,view from the mast Ile fouget
Easter brunch with the other yachties The three sopranos of the Chagos Shanty choir... "Halijntje, katrijntje, bolijntje...jenevertje krijg je geen schijntje...." The Chagos fish factory. Catch of the day: more than 70 kg Coral trout, tuna, snapper and wahoo.
Sharks waiting for the left overs Even geen pootje baden vandaag ... and action!
The BIOT patrol boat invited us for a BBG Plenty of food, drinks and handsome Marines What shall we do with the drunken sailors?
Royal Bums. I swapped my swatch designers necklace with the left guy for a batch of the royal marines...... must have been the rum.... Harry without parachute but with shoes instead Harry forgets to click when Ellen steals the show with a handstand from the 8m bridge.
On board of Fidelio. Spotting coral heads after the party. Luckily captain Jack was sober.. Collecting rain water from the bimini. Ron and Eileen, well over their 70s, visit Chagos for more than 20 years
Mauritius and Reunion - May '10
Approaching Mauritius after a rough but very fast trip We had a brand new head sail in the locker but the old one was badly stuck around the forestay Grand Baye, a popular tourist spot.
colourfull markets colourfull people  
excellent markets with all the french goodies and some unknown exotic stuff
Zwervers on a tourist trip into the interior    
"7 colour earth", a Unesco heritage site a possible bride mate for Lonesome George on the Galapagos? Bird nests
Approaching Reunion 25 knots of wind, but nicely from behind and in the lee of the island Sorry, forgot my camera.........but Reunion was very nice...