South Atlantic Nov'11 - Febr '12
The urban jungle of Durban. We had to wait 1 month for a favorite weather window. Parlement building in Durban The postoffice

Street life in Durban. South Africa's nr1 crime city. Higher on the ranks than Johannesburg.


A big catamaran banged into us at the anchorage in East London. The next morning we dragged, together with 5 other boats all at the same time! Alongside a tug boat in Mosselbay
We almost crushed a fur seal when we moored our boat The windy anchorage in Simonstown at sunset We moved into the luxury marina of the False Bay Yacht Club in Simonstown
Believe it or not, we saw penguins in Africa! Boulders beach, home of a penguin colony and nr 1 tourist attraction in Simons Town The waterfront area in Capetown is a successful mix of a working harbour in a spectacular tourist setting.
The 4 SA Nobel price winners: Albert Luthuli, Desmond Tutu, De Klerk en Mandela at Nobel square in Cape Town. The castle of Good Hope set against the Tafelberg The other side of Tafelberg seen from the Botanical Gardens. The Protea flower is the national symbol of South Africa and the name of the criquet team.
The Koon Parade on 2nd Jan symbolises the liberation of the Cape slaves in the 19 century. The Cape slaves came from the so called "half way stations" in the Indian Ocean. A participant
The rainbow nation    
There we are! View from Table Mountain View from Table Mountain over Capetown
A commorants colony at Cape point Groot Constantia, a typical Cape Dutch wine farm founded in 1685

Groot Constantia wine fields

St James, a popular beach at False Bay Fog patches at Houtbaai A last view on Capetown and the Table Mountain and a farewell to South Africa.
Approaching St Helena Island The anchorage at St Helena is an open road stead Jamestown, the main village on the island
Above the archway is a picture of the wirebird The English East India Company Coat of Arms The market is prefabricated cast-iron building shipped out to the island in 1865.
Jacob's ladder was built in 1829 to haul manure up and goods down. It has 699 steps. Jonathan is the island's oldest resident, 178 years, and lives with other giant tortoises in the grounds of Plantation House, the governor's residence. Longwood House, Napoleon's last residence where he died, now a museum owned by the French government.
Approaching Ascension Island. We're back in the tropics. Cristal clear warm water with lots of colorful fish. Like St Helena, the anchorage in Ascension Island is an open road stead. Big swell rolls in. Going ashore is quite an adventure. It's mating season for the green turtle. They were everywhere around our boat.
At night the females come ashore to lay their eggs and cover them with sand. Only one out of 10.000 hatchlings survives. Early morning she returns to sea. After several mating & hatching sessions she swimms back 2000 miles to Brasil, where she finally can rest and eat. The interior of Ascension Island looks like a moon landscape
The many high tech antenna's, satelite dishes, telescopes and communication domes contribute to that outerspace feeling. The engineers of the BBC relay station obviously also feltl a little bit lost.... Devill's ash pit
Perfect "blue ocean sailing" on the south Atlantic. Although our Booster came down in pieces. The further north, the less wind. Clouds are mirroring in the water. 3 full days of motoring through the Doldrums.
Heavy rain showers, perfect to get rid of the salt. We caught a beautiful Mahi mahi. Incredible sunsets with a sky-line of clouds.
After 19 days and 2650 Nm we reached Iles du Salut, French Guyana. We picked-up a mooring buoy at Ile Royal but kissed the bottom at low tide One of the many prisons on the island, previous called "devils island", from which there was no return. Only Papillon escaped.
South of the equator (movie clip) North of the equator (movie clip)