Vietnam August '09
Queing to see "Uncle Ho" in Hanoi Street sellers in Hanoi city the typical conical head is tied up under the chin
Chinese tourists on a bicycle tour Hanoi city has over 3 million inhabitants and about the same amount of motor bikes If you can't afford a shop, then a bike will do as well
Dining on the street, despite the poisonous street gasses

The romantic Kiem lake down town Hanoi, named "City of Peace" by Unesco in 1999.

The Temple of literature is one of the over 2000 cultural, architectural and historical sites that have been preserved in Hanoi
War memorial in Dien Bien Phu Besides deep scars, the war left heaps of steel yards Trenches at A1 hill in Dien Bien Phu
Beautiful rice fields in the mountains of Sappa A healthy mud bath "no, no picture"
The red H'mong is one of the 54 ethnic minority groups, living in the highlands around Sapa Baby red H'mong Blue H'mong children
Blue H'mong lady Colourfull H'mong Colourful H'mong
Colourful H'mong at the market, wearing layers of embroidered fabrics at a temperature of 30 degrees!. Lunch time Farmer
The karst landscape of Halong Bay, declared an Unesco world heritage site in 1994. Fishing boat in Halong bay Floating village
Bay view from our $8 hotel on Cat Ba island Wet rice fields on Cat Ba island Try this!
Tam coc area view Tourist boats on Tam coc river Bich Dong Pagoda
Pagoda around Bich Dong Thai Vi temple

around Tam Coc - Bich Dong area (where we landed with our motor bike in the rice paddies)

Bicycle at Bich Dong temple praying time Located near two major centers of culture, India and China, Vietnam has absorbed a number of religions over time.
Catholic cathedral in Vietnamese style. Vietnamese law ensures the sovereignty and freedom of religion and ritual. Which hasn't always been the case... "Purple city" Vietnam's forbidden city in Hue, the old emperial capital Inside the palace grounds there are numerous palaces, temples and courtyards
Some are merely ruins..... others are beautifully restored..... with lovely details.
One of the many imperial tombes around Hue Guards of soldiers and animals at the imperial tombes another imperial tombe with a total different architectural style
Bridge over the perfume river Boat dwellers in the Perfume river, Hue boat dweller
boat girl Children playing in the dirty waters of the Perfume river School children

brother and sister

Kite seller paper funeral articles
This woman didn't want to smile, afraid to show her rotten teeth. This woman had no teeth at all Don't worry, be happy!
Lantern shop in Hoi An. Japanese bridge in Hoi An Estancia Harberton, our first anchorage in the Beagle.
Ruins of My Son, older than Angor Wat Details clearly show the Indonesian Burubudur style Royal Palace in Saigon