Skyline of La Paloma Mandrake, our brave friends from Argentina: Eduardo, Alejandro, Gonzalo, Bruno Uruguay, land of milk and honey
The pampa's Sierra del Rocha Deserted farmhouse
Punta del Este lighthouse Punta del Este church Dinner time!
Ben ik in beeld? Schoolklasje in Piriapolis. En deze blauwe zeilboot komt uit.... Frankrijk?! Tijd voor een lesje aardrijkskunde. Schoolklasje in Montevideo
Plaza Independencia, Montevideo Onze volgende boot is van polyester. Dat gewerk altijd! View on Piriapolis, our home for the coming months.
Zwerver in the travellift. Mosselen van eigen bodem. Drie marineros doen het vieze werk. Wat een ongekende luxe! Verdomme, al weer een lijn in de schroef!
Wine-tasting event Autumn in Colonia Colonia
Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires Plaza de Mayo. No demonstrating Madres but soldiers fighting for justice and recognition after the Falkland-war Plaza de Independencia, Buenos Aires
More unhappy people camping at Plaza de Independencia Tango in San Telmo The Portenos are still honoring Evitas grave with fresh flowers
Iglesia de La Compania, a Jezuit church built in 1645. Cordoba Seminario Convictorio de San Javier, built in 1613. Cordoba Demonstration in Tucuman. Trade Unions demanding minimum wages of 350 peson (100 Euro) per month.
Indian Ruines in Guilmes Taffi del Valle Cafayate, Argentina's 2nd wine region after Mendoza
On the the route from Salta to San Antonio de los Cobres The multicolored Quebrada del Toro On the the route from Salta to San Antonio de los Cobres
A nosy Llama, ready to spit wegrestaurant Iglesia Catedral, Salta
Preparations for Patagonia
Harry inspecting the mast Mike, helping Harry with the engine The other Mike from Brillance. Stuck with his keel in mooring lines. Hoe krijgen we die er nu tussen?
Harry helping Abdine to tighten his lines which broke during a storm. At YoYo's, our favorite restaurant. The Tango is terribly sad. Nassi Goreng at Ellen's birthday
Southward bound
Arrival in Yacht Club Argentino, Mar del Plata. Shopping, shopping and more shopping. Harry takes a break. Others obviously had a less pleasant journey. The wrecks are now used as a sealion-creche Sealion colonie at the south pier. A bit smelly!
The macho males were absolutely not impressed by us. Arrival in Puerto Deseado, 48 degrees south. Zwerver is the main tourist attraction of the day. Accompanied by dolfins, penguins and sealions. What a pleasant welcome!
Less romantic, but a secure place for the night. But eh...can we please get some fresh air? Hij ziet ons toch wel, zeker? Zeg eens dat ie uit moet wijken! Don't worry, the rescue team of Puerto Deseado is standby.
Typical Patagonian sky. Another cold front coming? Happy couple making a bush walk on Staten Island. Harry securing the lines.
Puerto Hoppner, Staten Island. Exploring Puerto Hoppner by Dingy. View on anchorage in Puerto Hoppner, Staten Island.
A relieved captain crossing Street Le Maire. As south as it gets for us. Estancia Harberton, our first anchorage in the Beagle.
The legendary Beagle channel. Ushuaia should be somewhere in front of us. Approaching Ushuaia. Ushuaia harbour.