USA East Coast April'14 - July'14


Palm Beach FL our port of entry into the USA. Home of the rich and famous. For diamonds you go to Worth Avenue For our speeding ticket we were supposed to go the court house
Last seen in South Africa, Bob & Peppe lost their beloved "Far Niente" on the reef but will start soon again with their new boat "Again". Seeking shelter for the cold front in Charleston, South Carolina Old plantation houses along the water front Charleston's historical center
The old prison Over 180 churches in Charleston Overlooking the flight deck of the USS Yorktown The USS Glamagore
Charming Beaufort, North Carolina The old boat yard in Beaufort We started the Intra Coastal Waterway (ICW ) at statue mile 205 Markers are favorite places to build a nest
or to announce a nest... meet mr Osprey, inhabitant of marker nr 27 Many tree trunks, some of them submerged. Better stay mid channel a commorant on a tree trunk
Goose Creek lives up to its name We just anchored anywhere outside the channel or tied up along side a free dock Shrimpers in the canal
Last day at the ICW: we got stuck in the mud twice! Harry pushes us back into deeper water. Where were you when we needed you ? The last bridge broke down. In the background are the Norfolk Navy ship yards

Norfolk is home of the USS Wisconsin, one of the biggest battle ships ever built. Now a museum

A school class exploring the USS Wisconsin News paper stands in down town Norfolk A crab fishery in Reedville Indian Creek, one of the many scenic anchorages in the Cheasapeake Bay
Light house off the Patuxent River The Choptank river lighthouse at Cambridge   A traditional skipjack in St Michaels
Historic boat yard at the Chesapeake Museam Cottage in Oxford, a former tobacco port Oxford cares for their swallows Down town Annapolis, sailing capital of the US
Harry & Bert at the harbour front in Annapolis Annapolis is home of the US Naval Academy which houses the world's largest collection of ship models and owns a decent sailing fleet Mount Vernon Estate, president Washington's home and burial place, sees millions of pilgrims
Capitol Hill, THE landmark of Washington DC, is just as impressive at the inside Library of Congress, a real gem, houses over 150 milion items Smitsonian Nat Air & Space museum, one of the many great museums. All conveniently located at the National Mall. And guess what? It's for free! All big heroes who served the nation have their own monument.....
or a place at Arlington National Cemetary. From president Kennedy to the Unknown soldier... ... no one is forgotten and all get some extra attention at Memorial Day More patriotism in Baltimore where in 1814 the flag on fort McHenry inspired the creation of the national anthem "the star spangled banner". Baltimore's inner harbour houses the USS Constellation, the last US naval sailing ship
She operated against the slave trade and protected US shipping from Confederate raiders Baltimore's former power station has been transformed into a shopping and dining area we were not the only ones having fun.. A horse shoe crab at the eastern shore. If you turn them around it's all moving feet.
There were hundreds of them. Impossible to swim! But not for Harry; he simply stands on them! The impressive Chesapeak Bay bridge connects the eastern shore with the western shore of Maryland Another cloudy windless day in the Delaware bay. The lighthouse's fog horn is audible from a large distance Waiting for favourite winds in the Cohensy river, Delaware bay
Historic harbour front of Cape May, Atlantic coast New Jersey Boat house in Cape May harbour Zwerver approaches New York City in misty conditions and an ingoing tide of 2 knots We salute the Statue of Liberty
She waves back and welcomes us to New York Sailing past Manhattan's sky line and admiring the new Freedom Tower. Awesome! We anchored for $25 a day on the Hudson river at 79th street. Uptown Westend, just 2 blocks from broadway and Central Park. View over Central Park from the roof terras of the Metropolitan Art museum.
"Reflecting Absence" . 9/11 changed NYC, America and the world. Two reflecting pools occupy the very footprints of the ill-fated twin towers. Symbolizing hope and renewal. Not sure what he's reflecting on...a shooting game? The soaring new Freedom tower is magnificent and takes on different shapes from various angles
And now let's hope America will remember John Lennon's message For the moment it looks all love & peace in NYC Although Wall Street is nowadays heavily guarded and off limit for tourists and "Zwervers". But who cares? There are other places under the sun!
Time Square with its life size neon ads hasn't changed much. Nor has the American food culture But they are great entertainers  
China Town remains one of our favourite places Here you'll find the best fresh produce and other nice stuff  
Ellen admires the view from Brooklyn Bridge, the world's 1st steel suspension bridge, dated 1883 Which is an ingenious piece of art Harry dreams away at the tall ships We walked the Highline, a refurbished rail track that has been transformed into a grassy catwalk in the sky.