"Zwerver" in the doc at Marina Den Oever in the Netherlands Harry consulting an "expert". Better hire a carpenter! Some cleaning might do no harm.
What the hell is this?! Where is this bloody heater that Harry was supposed to install?! And what is Harry doing in "De Zingende Wielen"? Time for me to come home. "Elusion" , our temporarily home. Tjakko & Iris, thanks for the hospitality!
Back in the Netherlands. Shorts are replaced by an overall and the real work starts: cleaning, painting..... The result of 3 months hard work. Ready for a dive. Inspection of the mast and the new rigging. Great job done by Hans and Arnoud of Marina Den Oever.
Zwerver in de kraan. Laatste likje antifouling. Ze blijft drijven en na drie jaar start de motor zonder problemen.. Nu de mast er nog op.
A-plus rigging mounting an extra forestay for the storm-jib. Andre installing the SSB antenna. Thanks for all your wisdom! I am afraid we didn't understand a shit of your radio amateur lessons though.. Nanko installing the solar panels. En uh...hoe weten we nu of ze het doen? "Nou gewoon, dan brand het lampie"
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