Suriname Febr - June'12
Presidential Palace in Paramaribo Queen Wilhelmina has been removed from the presidential palace to fortress Zeelandia Beautiful resored officer's houses in the colonial district

Watertaxi's at the waterfront in Paramaribo

Streetvendor selling shaved ice with sirup  
Early morning at the anchorage in Domburg Zwerver anchored in front of the market square in Domburg Hindu temple in Domburg
The highway to Atjoni The korjaal is the ultimate river transportion Harry watches as our korjaal is loaded with building material for the remote villages
Saramacan women taking a bath and doing the laundry Saramacan youngsters playing in the river A typical Saramacan village
Rapids in the Surinam river The Zwerver crew goes off the road On the bottom of the Brokopondo lake are houses, churches, schools. The Saramaccans had to evacuate.
Brokopondo hydro power station Excursion to HolSur. "Little" Gerben explains the fish manufacturing process. Ellen gooit er nog maar eens een schepje bovenop.
Warehouse for gunpowder in Fort New Amsterdam School children playing with their history The Marowijne river is missing a navigation light. Who cares?
Waterworks dating from Dutch colonial times Wooden houses near New Amsterdam ter nagedachtenis aan de Decembermoorden.