Fortaleza, Marina Park Fortaleza, Futura beach Fortaleza, Futura beach
  Natal, anchorage in front of Iate Club do Natal Natal, Reis Magos fort. Built on the reef. Only accessible at low tide. Camarao (fresh shrimps in garlic oil) , our daily lunch in Natal.
  Fishing fleet of Redinha, Natal Fishermen repairing their nets on the streets in Natal Hier wordt een houten schip gebreewd.
  Beautiful anchorage on the Paraiba river, Cabedelo Fishing boats on Rio Paraiba, Cabedelo. Cabedelo. Children enjoying their pineapple.
  The only street in Jacare, a small vilage near Cabedelo. Approaching Recife, one of Brazils most important cities. Anchorage in front of Pernambuco Iate Club, right in the center. Lateron this turned out to be the wrong place.
  The old bustling city center of Recife. Christmas market in Recife.. Olinda, old historical town near Recife, in 1982 declared by UNESCO a Natural and Cultural Patrimony for Humanity.
  Olinda, with over 20 churches built by the Portuguese in the 16th century, most of them demolished during the Dutch invasion around 1640. Olinda, view on church of Santo Antonio with in the background the harbour entrance of Recife Olinda, another beautiful view of another beautiful church.
  church of Santo Antonio de Carmo's Convent, oldest of the Carmelite Order in Brazil, dating back to 1588. Nossa Senhora das Neves Church and Sao Francisco Convent. Built in 1585, partially destroyed by the Dutch. Sao bento Church and Monastary. Built in 1599 and set on fire by the Dutch in 1631.
  Musicians practicing for Carnival Olinda beach Olinda beach
  Maandag 8 December. Stille getuigen van de nachtelijke overval door drie bandieten in Pernambuco Iate Clube, Recife. Tatuoca island. A calm lagoon fringed by beaches, mangroves and drying sand banks. Just 20 miles south of Recife. Paradise on earth. Tatuoca island. Fisherman at Suape river.
  Harry two days after the attack. A cool glass of beer has a miraculous healing effect. Christmas greetings from Salvador. Salvador, founded in 1549, Brazil's first capital, currently a population of 2,5 million people.Centro Nautico.
  Pelourinho, Salvador's historic centre with over 3600 colonial houses, churches, monasteries registered by UNECSCO as Humanity Heritage. Baiana women, black women born in Brasil, in traditional dress. Also called sisters of the good death. Baiana woman selling tapioca bread with different fillings. Looks like the Dutch "oliebol".
  Terreiro de Jesus, one of the many squares in Salvador. St Francis church and monastery St Francis church and monastery at night.
  The local children choir is performing every evening a great show. Maria, Jozef and all angels are black. A coffee seller with his "truck". The negative side of Brazil's big cities. Just 2 streets from the tourist area we were enclosed by youth gangs but saved by one of the thousands Policia Militar.
  Christmas diner. vlnr: Yoann, Mike, Nick Ferry at Canal de Itaparica, Baia de Todos os Santos "waterfall" at Canal de Itaparica, Baia de Todos os Santos
  Time is standing still on Isla Bom Jezus, Baia de Todos os Santos Church on Isla Bom Jezus, Baia de Todos os Santos Gieren op zoek naar crabben en pieren op Bom Jezus
  Sunset over Frade anchorage, Baia de Todos os Santos Zeilen in een schilderij.River Paraguacu Low tide at river Paraguacu, Maragojipe.
  Transportation in Maragojipe Houses in Sao Felix Cattle market in Sao Felix.
  15 January: Lavagem do Bom Fim. The 2nd grandest fiesta after carnaval. 15km dancing and singing, while taking relics from one church to the other. The rithm keeps you going.
  Fiesta de Bom Jezus de Navigantes. Maria and child Jezus sail from one harbour to the other. Captain Harry overlooking the entrance to Morro de Sao Paulo Great view from Morro de Sao Paulo Lighthouse.
  Morro de Sao Paulo anchorage seen from the Iate Clube In earlier days they build a fort to protect the city from the Dutch. Nowadays they enter freely through the gate. Small rocky beach at Morro de Sao Paulo.
  Abrolhos Islands: ankeren in zwembad-water. Vittoria skyline. Familie Stern rust even uit. Als dank voor het aangenaam verpozen schijten ze alles onder.
  Buzios, the Saint Tropez of Brasil. We zijn niet de enigen: 2000 drankjes, 2000 ijsjes, 2000 souveniertjes..... kassa! Rounding Cabo Frio, nicknamed "the storm cape" by sailors. Famous for it's unpredictable weather and cold Antarctic water from the Falkland current..
  Sky at Cabo Frio at daytime. The bad weather didn't catch us though. A very special moment: approaching Rio de Janeiro at dawn. Still 10 miles to go to Rio.View on Copacabana and the Sugar Loaf. Christ is still in the mist.
  Rounding the Sugar Loaf. Christ is welcoming us with open arms. No wind.... will the engine hold? View on Copacabana from the Sugar Loaf View on Christ-statue from the Sugar Loaf
  View on Botofo and Gloria from the Sugar Loaf. A barbarian walking the mozaik-staircase of Seleron, a famous Brazilian artist. Harry's new hobby: Changing the fuel filters.
  Churasco typical (Brazilian BBQ) at Club Naval de Charitas. vlnr: Peter (uk), Suzy (Br), Renato (Br), Dieter (br), Maxi (Br), Gert (Ger), Helga (Ger). Gerd & Peter dressed-up as cars?! for the big carnaval parade. The famous parade in Sambodromo. 14 Samba schools competing for Brazils most prestegious honour.
  The carnaval theme of 2004 is "Jungle". a "bloco" consists of about 3000 persons  
  Sunset over Club Naval Charitas, Niteroi View over Niteroi. Dinner in Niteroi with Renato, Suzy, Peter, Helga, Gerd, George and Claudia.
  Paradise found in Ilha Grande, 60 miles south of Rio. Another secluded anchorage on Ilha Grande. Perfect snorkling on Ilha Grande.
  Lost without destination....... Waterfront of Parati, one of Brasil's oldest towns. With high tide streets in Parati are floaded to clean the city.
  Fishing fleet of Parati. Grote schoonmaak in Santos. Wat kan een mens een troep verzamelen! Sandwichmen in Sao Paulo.
  Cathedral Metropolitana in Sao Paulo, 111 meters in height, with a capacity of 8000 people. Built in 1913. Teatro Municipal, designed by Ramos de Azevedo,built in 1903 and inaugurated in 1911. Pateo do Colegio, the site on which Sao Paulo was founded on January 25th 1554..
  Having a good time with Carlos & Luiza in Sao Paulo Enjoying the view from Carlos' roof terrase Sao Paulo, 17 million inhabitants.
  Dinner on board of the Lizard with Helga & Gerd Harry, Peter & Gerd searching for the lost anchor in Paranagua Trainride to Curitiba
  Oude spoorlijnhuisjes The first hurricane in Brazil's history moving towards Paranagua. Better stay a few days longer. Awaiting favorable winds in Punta Posso, Paranagua.
  Fish factory in Punta Posso, Paranagua Iate Clube de Florianopolis Ellen repairing the Genua
  "Helga's" beach in Florianopolis The best Camarao Milanesa in the world! Ruines at south entrance of Canal
  Sky line of Rio Grande Isla de Polvera, nature reserve in Rio Grande do Sul A black saint at the museum in Rio Grande do Sul
  A windy beach in Rio Grande do Sul Greenpeach in action against the genetic modified soja-beans Dear Lady of the sea, please give us favourable winds on our way south.....