Southern Africa Nov'10 - Febr'12
Zulu dancers at the zulu festival in Richards Bay    
  The winning team! Laurens, "our" zulu worker wants to become a doctor.
We're living in a junk yard Harry blends in perfectly. But eh... what will the ballotage commission say? Life a the docks seem cleaner. But will it be safer?
Regional optimist champion ships in Richards Bay Weaver nests at the marina Johanna the baptist in Richards Bay
Roadworks ahead. The amphytheatre in Drakensberg Through a rocky river bed
Harry at the chain ladders. They are moving!

Honoring our ancestors at the Sentinel peak.

Enjoying the view.
The church congregation goes to Drakensberg for healing excercises. Taking a picture with the mobile phone. A Qwa-Qwa township in Free State
Dutch reformed church in Clarens Big hole in Kimberly The diamond mine is closed since 1914.
A gemsbok (oryx) couple in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park Early morning, a cheetah disappears into the grass A male kalahari lion with black manes
A female leopard turns around. We're too close. A black backed jakhal comes out of the grass Two males and a female austriche. The ckickens are invisible in the grass.
Ah, there they are! A nosy ground squirrel steals an apple and bites Ellen in her toe. A meerkat digs for beetles under a tree
A donkey cart in Namibia The road to Sususvlei is nowadays tarred. Dunes in Sususvlei, Namib desert.
Over 200.000 fur seals at Cape Cross, skeleton coast, Namibia Mother and pup seal They look like my diving fins
Twijfelfontein, the "Louvre" of the bushman rockart These rock engravings are around 3000 years old. A male welwitsia can become around 150 years old, with leaves of 15m long.
Giraffes crossing early morning the road to Etosha A zebra family in Etosha. We saw hundreds of them! Etosha pan with water. Where are the animals?
There's plenty of water everywhere, very unusual. The springbok is the symbol of the national rugby team. Plenty of impales in Africa everywhere.
View over the Zambezi river, Zimbabwe The Victoria falls carry too much water. A fish eagle overlooking the Victoria Falls
Lots of wildlife in and around Chobe river, Botswana   This family is carefully hiding a 1 week old baby.
Kudus Thats not easy. Sunset over Chobe river
Lots of buffalos in Chobe. and they look so mean! A commorants family in the tree.
A croc bathing in the last rays of sunshine. A lonely hippo between the water lillies. A monitor lizzard escapes in the water.
Village in the Kalahari 170km through the bushveld Driving in the pan, carefully watching the tracks because there is no road.
The Makgadikgadi pan is dry Remnants of stonewall on Kubu island View over the pan from our camp at Kubu island
A warthog family A white rhino in Serowe, Botswana Oh, a "little" one!
A visit from Hans & Jennie, Harry's niece from Holland Morgan welding an extra rib to support the new anchor plate. There we go again, both travellift and tractor with a flat tire.
Even voorstellen : dit is zus Annemarie met neefje Casper. Ze blijven 3 weken. Oh jee.... "Ik kan wel zwemmen hoor!". Toch maar voor de zekerheid een zwemvest om. Casper valt 's nachts uit de hondekooi. De slingerschotjes zaten nog in de was.
Met m'n tante lekker scheuren in de dinghy. Yippie, wij gaan op safari! Tour operator Zwerver. "Niet goed? Geld toch weg!"
Krokodil in St Lucia.

Bobbejaan in Hluhluwe

Olifant in Umflosi
Giraffes in Umflozi Zulu-kraal bij Hluhluwe Zulu rondavel
    Z'n hartslag ging minstens zo snel als die Cheetah, maar het was wel het hoogtepunt van de vakantie.
Inktvis op het strand bij Cape Vidal Met laag water wemelt het van de crabbetjes op het rif. Brekers op het rif in Kosy Mouth.
Visfuiken in Kosy Mouth Er zitten nijlpaarden.

Sunset over Kosy Bay

Stokstaartjes op rooftocht in Sodwana Bay Aapjes stelen onze eieren, spagetti en brood. Een gespikkelde genet cat sluipt 's nachts ons kamp binnen.
Fruit, bonen, wormen en insecten Mensen van het platteland bieden hun koopwaar aan pal naast het winkelcentrum. Nog een "whitch doctor" nodig?
Harry and his brother Jan at the Sani top in Lesoto A winding road leads up to the Sani pass (2500m) A typical Basutho village
    Kruger national park