French Polynesia March'06 - Aug'06

Marquesas Islands

24 sunsets .........and 25 sunrises in zicht!!
Approaching Fatu Hiva at dawn Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva. Local youth on Fatu Hiva "helping" Harry with the dingy.
Exploring the wonderfull green island of Fatu Hiva Taking a refreshing bath in a waterfall on Fatu Hiva Anchoraga in Tahuata
A tropical shower in baya Atuona, the main and crowded ancorage in Hiva Oa Harvesting the coconuts for the copra production in Tahiti. Grave of Paul Gaugin and Jaques Brell
Typical Marquesean style church in Hanaiappa bay on Hiva Oa A ceremonial Paepae where they used to bring human offerings to the gods Very well preserved Tikis on Puomoa on Hiva Oa
Fishermen in Hanaiappa bay, Hiva Oa Our neighours in Hanaiappa bay, Hiva Oa Daniels Bay, a perfect sheltered and secluded anchorage on Nuku Hiva
Historic art along the waterside of the main anchorage in Nuku Hiva Priest incarnation on Nuku Hiva Most of his fans where elderly woman, dressed-up for the occasion
View on Uapoa with its spectacular pinacle mountains Children on Uapoa playing with our dingy An unspected, but lovely day with Xavier and Teeki on Uapoa.

Tuamotu Archipel

Kauehi, our first atol in the Tuamotus. Spectacular water colors, but nasty coral heads! The atol is surrounded by a large reef. The see level drops here abruptly from 10 to 1000 m! Pearlfarm on Kauehi
Olivier and Abby, boatchildren Harry makes friends on Kauehi Lovely little church on Kauehi, decorated with shells and local handy-crafts
One of the many lovely anchorages in Fakarava Harry in Paradise Coral, shells and hermite crabs
Valentine and Gaston welcoming visiting yachts on Toau Gaston & Valerie's place on Toau A motu on Toau
Prestine beaches in the laguna of Apataki Shell collecting on the barrier reef in Apataki Great snorkling in cristal clear waters in Apataki
Traditional house in Apataki The typical transport on Apataki "collecteurs" for the black pearl oisters on Apataki

Society Islands

Maeva beach, Tahiti. Sunset over Morea, with "Madalena" in the foreground The green interior of Tahiti Waterlilys in Tahiti-iti (small Tahiti)
One of the many waterfalls on Tahiti Religeous images at the ceremonial platform, Tahiti Friendly Tahitian gave us the entire banana tree
Canoe races women, a very colourful and impressive spectacle Chaotic start of the junior men. One lost his peddle and fell overboard. Others had a collision Canoer in traditional outfit
Opening of the Heiva festival with traditional dance

Beatifull people, although not as slim as portrayed on the postcards.

One of the cultural leaders
Each island has its own traditional colors Diner at the "Roulottes" in Tahiti Harry and Dominique in Le Truck, a popular means of transport in Papeete
Cooksbay at Morea   Morea
Traditional canoe, Huahine Ancient fishtraps in Huahine view over bay, Huahine
Pandanus tree, Huahine Huahine


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