Patagonia: Jan - March'05
Puerto Williams, moored alongside the sunken SS Micalvi, in a dead arm of the Beagle channel. New Years evening BBQ on the decks of SS Micalvi. A very German event with Kartoffelsalad. Churches, canons and flags go hand in hand in Chili.
Shopping street in Puerto Williams. View over the Beagle channel and Puerto Williams from cerro bandera (flag-mountain). Beaverdam and devestated woods near Pto Williams.
View on caleta Olla, Beagle channel. Anchorage at Caleta Olla, Beagle channel. Hollanda Glacier, Beagle channel.
The Beagle channel gets even more spectacular going further west. Romanche glacier, Beagle channel. It's icy cold. Entering Seno Pia, a deep fjord in the Beagle channel.
Glaciers in the western arm of Seno Pia. Glaciers in the eastern arm of Seno Pia. 07.00 o'clock, Caleta Rana, canal Ballenero. The only peacefull moment of the day. At 16.00 we were beating against a full blown gale with 50 knots on the nose.
Plenty of delicious mussels everywhere. Unfortunately there is the risk of the deadly "Red Tide" poison. Anchorage in a small cove in Canal Occasion. 4 shore-lines have to protect us against violent willywaws. Glacier-lakes in Canal Occasion.
Sailing together with Papillon in Magellan street. Walking in the swamps of beatiful, but windy Caleta Notch, Magellan street.. View from the cockpit in Caleta Angosto, Magellan street.. Impressive, but unfortunately very wet.
Trashburning in caleta Moonlight Shadow, Canal Sarmiento. Why does it have to be always so cold and wet? Annual rainfall in this area is 4000mm!! Thought this was a remote place? This is cheating!!! "Anything you need?" vraagt de kapitein. Een frietje pindasaus zou er nu wel in gaan.
Canal Icy doet zijn naam eer aan. The bergy-bits look small from a distance. But they are getting bigger... .... and bigger.
Approaching Pio XI Glacier. 50m high, 4 km wide. Biggest tidal glacier in the world. Blue sky and a bit of sunshine. Who could believe that? And for once it was good sailing too.
Ochtendnevel in Bahia Elizabeth, met zicht op de Pio XI Gletcher More bergy bits on our way out of Canal Icy. The glass ones become difficult to see with this sun. After 650 miles of channels, Puerto Eden, 173 inhabitants, looks indeed like Paradise on earth.
Pto Eden. No roads, no cars, but 2km of board walks. And a supermercado which unfortunately sells sigarettes but no veggies. And the ferry with fresh supplies ran on the rocks..... Canal Messier. Patagonia showing it's friendly face.
Another quiet and peaceful anchorage. Hard to believe that's blowing 20 knots outside. Haute cuisine on board of Zwerver. Fresh centolla. oh, oh, there goes the dingy
Op visite bij Carlos. Back in civilization. Puerto Aguirre, fishing village with 1200 inhabitants. . Fresh fruit & veggies! Colourful houses and flowers in Puerto Aguirre.
Fishing boats in Melinka Sunrise on a rainy morning in Quellon, Chiloe Typical wooden church, Pailad, Chiloe
Country side, Pailad, Chiloe This fishermen looks familiar to me. Zwerver and Papillon moored on the armada buoy in Castro.
Palafitos, isla Mechuque, Chiloe 6m tidal range, isla Mechuque, Chiloe. Rainbow, a daily phenomena in Chiloe.
Our last sailing day in Patagonia turns out to be the best. No questions about our flag anylonger. Celebrating our successfull Patagonia adventure with Lars & Lone. Our selfmade flag didn't survive the trip though.
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