Melanesia May'07 - Aug'07


Suva harbour, 6 o'clock early morning Suva harbour,6 o'clock just before sunset Suva prison
Down town Suva looks like little India Lots of bananas at Suva market Let's hope we never have to use it!
Hurricane hole at Vuda Point Marina Vuda point Marina A somewhat roly anchorage at Waya island
Fiji woman preparing pandana leaves to make a floor mat Village life in Waya, Yasawas Children pealing peanuts
Chief's house destroyed by a hurricane in 1992 This is what they call Fiji Time. Anchorage at Sawa-i-lau, Yasawas
Coral head at low tide Propeller broken on the reefs Village on Sawa-i-lau, Yasawas
Playing a kind of biljart Children at Sawa-i-lau "king Buka" at the beach
Sawa-i-lau Starfish drying out at low tide Fishermen bringing their catch ashore


Yasur vulcano at Tanna island Yasur vulcano at night Yasur vulcano throwing-up burning lava stones
Children in Port Resolution, Tanna island Children making "music" with a straw om op te vreten!
Market in Lenakel, Tanna island Outrigger canoe in Port Resolution, Tanna island Young Tanna girls in traditional costume
Yeah, we're cool! Tanna Women preparing the bunja (stone oven) Tanna boys preparing the kava ceremony
sailing canoe at the Maskelyne islands Chief Manze selling grapefruit Mud crab
anchorage at Ambryn seen from the boat Anchorage at Ambryn seen from the coast Copra harvest ready to ship to Luganville
Mary (with child) and her "bupa" Mary's house at Ambryn Mother-Hobard dresses. One size fits all.
Harry under the Banyan tree A tam-tam, typical for Ambryn Mary
Our guide Sam and his kids on Pentecoste The green interior of Pentecoste islands Sam's wife and eldest daughter harvesting taro and yam
Chief Willie's son preparing the land dive tower Mentally preparing for the jump .... and there he goes!
Encouraging the landdiver with singing & dancing My daddy is a landdiver... ..and one day I'm going to be a landdiver too!
Harry with a welcome flower at waterfall bay, Vanua Lavu, banks islands Melrose watching us doing the laundry in the pool. Inside the vulcano of Ureparapara
Harry makes friends in the village of Ureparapara Rose, 22 years, mother of 7! Makes laplap for us. The little church in Ureparapara
One of the two classrooms The first "kastom" dance is called the snake-dance. The men are carrying snakes inside the bamboo stick 2nd "kastom" dance is attributed to the fishgod. Note the colourful head dress

Solomon Islands

Sta Cruz island, port of entry, was a depressing place Whereas Owa Rafa (Santa Ana island) was a highlight But don't think they leave you alone. We counted 60!
Children playing around our boat Bart & Harry with chief John Hello, what your name? What country you blong?
Girls on Santa Ana island Houses are built on stilts in Ghupuna village 250 liters makes eh... 12 jerry jugs!
waar een paar slippers niet goed voor zijn house in ghupuna village Natagera village, at the windward side of the island
canoes and other artifacts inside the "kastom" house skulls and bones of the chiefs Amazing wood carvings supporting the roof
"modern" houses in Mosquito bay, a copra settlement Alongside at the warf in Tulagi harbour Rubbish along the entire shore of Tulagi harbour
Betelnut & coconut are the main produce market in Tulagi harbour Mr Romboli:"nobody can tell me anything"
Handing-out balloons Mboli-passage, florida islands settlements inside Mboli-passage
Woodcarvers in Guizo Market in Guizo 2-4-2007 Wet Monday. Guizo was hit by a earthquake and Tsunami. 50 people lost their lives.

Papua New Guinea

Anchorage on Bagaman island, Louisiades Eric with his young wife and kids in village nr 2.Note his red betelnut teeth Carrying lunch on her head
Gardening like in the stone-age fantastic canoe building in the Louisiades the "lemonfish school" on Bagaman island
Solei demonstrating the size of a giant clam Beach combing with the Luna-crew Port Morresby, capital of Papua New Guinea. What crazy world are we living in?