Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand Nov'07 - Oct'08

Heavy trafic in the Malakka Strait keeps us alert approaching Penang. Eh by the way, how high is the bridge? To our surprise there was a super-duper brand new marina down town Georgetown, Penang
The multi-culti center of Georgetown. A pitty you can't hear the sounds and smell the food Indian flower stall Indian food stall
The little indian mosque The big indian mosque. Not good enough for the Malay who build a brand new state mosque outside town Most indians however are Hindu
The chinese have their own temples Some of them are real pieces of art and decorated with golden ornaments but if you're in a hurry you can pray anywere on the street
Catching up with friends in Singapore With Pernilla and her family at the yachtclub Sinterklaas in Singapore
Koh Muk, one of our first islands in Thailand Anchorage at Koh Phetra A Thai fishing boat setting out numerous fishtraps
Harry on his way to the sailmaker Harry and brother Jan on a dinghy trip Jan sleeps on deck. Too hot inside.
Koh Panhi, a muslim gipsy village built on stilts Songbirds Teaching the holy koran
Zwerver in front of Koh Kudu Jai Ao Nang beach , Krabi, on the mainlaind Dinghy ride to the overhangs in Ao Nang, Krabi
Snug behind the reef of Koh Dam Low tide at Koh Dam first thousands of flying foxes and then this incredible sunset.
Historic Singapore still alive at Emeral Hill Modern Singapore, the financial district Boat Key, a classic where heritage & future come together
where you find the best indian food and the best satays and great fine dining too! ... always al fresco
culture at every corner on every street not just for tourists, but very active true multi-culti where Chinese, Malay & Indian seem to live happily together
the harbour is one of worlds biggest building on a long seafaring history oh no, Harry, not those shops! Enough of this!
We go for the latest: time for a real camera!