Madagascar June - Aug'10

Ambodifototra, the main village on Ile St Marie we arrived in a different world the wheels got stuck in the mud, sacks fell off......
Stunning views from the anchorage at least 100 years back in time. Why has the canoe never evoluted into something more sophisticated?
Mangroves Harry and Gregory in front of Treasure island no Jolly Roger for William Kid at the piracy cemetery of Ile St Marie.
"Access interdit" unless you give a "donation" to the guard. No clue what they are guarding, but we saw a soldier dissappearing with a hooker. Church is dominating life in the village
Chinese are dominating the business, like elsewhere In the "Winkel van Sinkel" you can buy irons and stoves working on charcoal More plastic than food at the market. Nothing made in Africa.
Made in Africa Miss Madagascar Friends
school's finished No electricity, no running water. The well has been donated by the Red Cross. welfare is depending on a Catholic mission. The rest of the world has given up.
A so called "boutre" is a smaller version of the Arabic dhow. And the "piroque" is exactlyt the same 400 years old design as we saw in the Pacific. We were positively surprised by it's speed and stability. Not very comfi though.
  View at the anchorage in Russian Bay Deserted beaches. No ice creams.....
Fisherman Chicken pens Absolutely adorable!
A lemur, the national symbol for Madagascar. It's territory is treathened by illegal logging. Mutual affection. Woman on Nosy Komba painting their faces
One of the many crater lakes on Nosy Be What about sharing a room with 70 inmates in Hellville prison? The Malagash religion is mix of animism with Islam and Christianity.

Mayotte Aug'10

Dzaoudzi on petite terre is the place where the French authorities and foreign legion are located. Government house A warm welcome by our American sailing friends Bob and Peppe ("Peppie & Kokkie").
We picked-up the last available mooring. Note the strong current! This one anchored to close to the reef ... and this one was thrown on the reef in a hurricane
Dziani Craterlake on petite terre Happy couple on a bush walk The flower of the Ylang-ylang is used to destill perfume essence, the main export product of Mayotte
Chirazien tombs of Arab sultans who introduced Islam to Mayotte. Dating 16th century. Lemurs where introduced from Madagascar  
Ferry between Petite Terre and Grande Terre Street vendors at Grande Terre Face mask

Mozambique Sept'10

Zwerver anchored off Ilha de Mozambique in a postcard setting... .....with a stunning view on the 16th century old Portuguese fortress The inter-island passenger ferry passing by .
Statue of Vasco da Gama, S. Paulo museum, former Jesuit convent and Governors' palace Misericordia church is now a museum of sacred art The most impressive hospital we've ever seen
The streets in Stone Town breath the athmosphere of colonial times Unfortunately most buildings are in a state of despair. no money for costly repairs make people living amids ruins
Pest control Miss Mozambique Where has he learned this?
collecting and cooking shells at the beach is a favourite past time S. Sebastiao fortress. Chapel of Nossa Senora do Baluarte, inside the fort
Macuti town, at the other side of the island is where the locals live. Their houses are better adapted to the climate (says the tourist folder...) Main income comes from fishing. No engines, everything by wind power. Playing in the mud.
"Amiga, amiga, photo por favor". Obviously not all children go to school. The more fortunate ones attend the open air school. No money for paper, pens, furniture  
Coconut sellers St Antonia fortress and church Between 15 and 20 people on a fishing boat, all looking like pirates.
in the afternoon everyone gathers at the beach, where the music goes on from 16.00 to 4.00 Impressing the local girls "My name is Antonio, but my capoera name is Lee". But I thought capoera is from Brasil. "No, it's from Mozambique".
Sand dunes at Bazaruto island Young fishermen throwing out their nets Child labour. Our dinghy is in save hands.... we hope
Drying small fish Drying eagle rays Just relaxing in the shadow
Kilometers of deserted beaches. You cannot walk in the sand without burning your feet Zwerver at anchorage between two sandbanks. Nets are thown out by boat and pulled in by hand from shore.
Bazaruto village Benguera village Lobster delivery service.
Zwerver grounded on a sand bank The deep water channel is clearly visible from here Like a big sniff dog, South African Solaire is showing us the way out through the pass.