Central America June'16 - Dec'16


A scary approach at Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua. The green buoy is missing. Zwerver goes surfing! Aha, we're in save waters Muy tranquilo inside the lagoon Although accidents do happen here
We're out of the hurricane zone but in the doldrums great skies Quepos, another rolly anchorage in Costa Rica

Rainy season

Inside the lagoon in Tofino, the only sheltered anchorage so far in Costa Rica Water taxis at the Tofino anchorage, waiting for tourists who are not coming For those who can afford $3 per ft per night The anchorage at 16.00 just before a rain squall
An illegal stop at the beautiful Seca islands in Panama and another one in national park Coiba. Enough secluded anchorages to hide All the way down from Mexico to Panama we had dolphins playing at our bow a week of leisure cruising in Las Perlas before going back to "civilization"
To our surprise there were villages on the Perlas a pearl fisher sells us lobsters Children guarding our dinghy Let's get some "pipas"
Coconut water, the best hydration there is!     When we pulled up our anchor, we pulled this one up as well. We made someone very happy.
Oh oh, watch out for the crab-pots! Pilot boats waiting at the Pacific side of the Canal View at Panama City from Las Brisas anchorage with Casco Viecho in the foreground Puente de las Americas connects North and South America
The free dinghy dock in Las Brisas leaves a lot to be desired but keeps you (not me) in shape our line handlers came from far. Must be good.... as preparation we took them to the Panama Canal Museum and Miraflores locks
And then came our turn easy beans for our linehandlers especially if you let the pilot do the hard work..... No sweat. We have plenty of other jobs for you to do.
And eh.... where are our linehandlers this time? Shall we tell them that there are crocodiles in Gatun lake? 2nd day. Preparing the Monkey fists. De aapjes komen tevoorschijn. En voordat nu de hele wereld over ons heenvalt: zo heet het bolletje aan de werplijn. In the Gatun locks we were kept mid-channel on 4 long lines of 40 meters by real line-handlers
A US war ship comes up behind us. He is kept mid channel by 4 electric locs The Caribbean lays ahead of us At the Colon side we dropped off our pilot and said farewell to Alejandro. Thanks, you were great!
Portobello is a pleasant stop on the way to the San Blas It had no less then 4 fortresses in its glory days Now it is home of the black Christ who performs miracles Good place to provision too
At anchor in Green Turtle Bay, our last stop before the San Blas, where we like to arrive with daylight. We celebrate our arrival in style. Our guests (former linehandlers) can't believe that lobster will be on the menu for the rest of their holiday. Nestor leads us through the reefs to an anchorage in front of his village Een gewaarschuwd mens....
Nestor proudly shows us around. The solar panels are a gift of the Panamanian government The boys were fighting with eachother the girls were just adorable The little shed at the end of the pier is a toilet
  Not always easy to see the reefs Lobster fishermen Catch of the day. 3 for $5.
Kuna women in traditional dress come by to sell their molas. Oh no, not again! Tenemos bastante! Beach combing always a suprise what treasures you'll find Marjolein went to the bakery
The veggie boat "I could get used to this life" A final picture with our Dutch friends Bert & Marjolein Bye, bye............... pffff wat een rust!
Approaching Cartagena, Colombia The harbour entrance is guarded by forts at each side. View from the anchorage, a 15 min walk to the old city center Anchorage at night
Feeling blessed Harry too! A pleasant stay in Santa Marta  
  Street art in Santa Marta    
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