Indonesia Aug'07 - Oct'07

Sunset over Saumlaki, Tanimbar islands Saumlaki's shoreline "hello mister: photo, photo"
Children in Buru village Arak processing. Sopi, sopi Saumlaki shows off its christianity
Early morning approaching Banda islands Bandaneira, the administrative capital of the Banda islands Fisherman in Banda
Mainstreet in Bandaneira Becak drivers in front of an old dutch perkeniers house Banda islands are muslim. No more christians left after the 1999/2000 "accidents"
Musselmen after the friday prayers The only (Dutch) christian church is now a monument. Note the time stands still on the time of the Japanese invasion The other Christian church has been burned down in the 1999/2000 "accidents"
Drying cloves drying cloves. A pity that you cannot photopraph the smell drying cloves at the mosque in Pulau Ay
Fort Belgica, Bandaneirs Fort Belgica View over Banda and the "Zonnegat" entrance
Playing gamelan at a wedding party in Banda Besar Jan Pieterszoon Coen, the Dutch governor of Banda,who massacred almost the entire polulation Oranje boven..
Streetlife in Kota Ambon Mosque in Kota Ambon Ellen goes to the beauty salon
Fortress Victoria, the only visible remnant of the Dutch golden age Street vendors in Kota Ambon Market in Kota Ambon
View from the bridge in Baubau Early morning Baubau En daarna waren we een peddel kwijt..
Lady in Tana Beru selling fried banana Fishermen houses in Tana Beru, Sulawesi Penisi boatyard in Tana Beru
About 40 Penisi were being built A yellow ribbon to prevent the evil spirits View from the temple over the rice fields of Lombok
Lombok, Bali, Kalamantan
Transport in Lombok Lombok rice is of superior quality Lots of monkeys begging for peanuts
Traditional Sasak house Sasak woman and children Sasak weaving
A fishermen next to our boat in Bali Marina That's a bad spot to anchor One of the many wonderful temples in Bali
Few from Uluwaty temple Uluwatu temple built on a cliff A funeral gathering in Bali
Monkey temple in Ubut, Bali A ferry boat dropping some people onto Zwerver. why does everybody wants to be friends with us? the only entertainment in Madura
Melon season in Madura boatbuilders on Gilli Yang, close to Madura Oh please, not so close!!
On a tour on a traditional klotok boat to the Urang Utangs in Kalimantan this innocent looking mother came to attack us Father urang utang doesn't look very friendly either