India & Nepal Oct / Nov'08


Street life in Calcutta: yellow cabs & colonial buildings Millions of people live on the street, wash on the street, sleep on the street, shit on the street...... Durga Purja, hindu festival. Returning their Gods to the holy Hoogly river.
Calcutta flower market Calcutta flower market "mister, mister, photo, photo".
Darjeeling, famous for its quality tea. Early morning view over the Himalayas Prayer flags add to the spiritual athmosphere of Darjeeling.
More prayer flags at the hill top temple Holy Harry / Heilig boontje Traditional Darjeeling Sunday dress
Boedhist temple around Darjeeling Boedist monastry in Darjeeling Giant prayer wheels
Due to serious floadings in Northern India, the roads where gone. We had to take alternative transport. Hindu woman with rice on her forehead to ensure a save journey. Many many refugee camps.
Maharadja palaces along the river Ganges in Varanasi Holy cows and holy shit everywhere Early morning bathing in the holy river Ganges to cleanse and purify the soul
Funeral ceremony. Head shaving the burning ghats in Varanasi. Holy cow in front of our guesthouse
Holy man in the river Ganges Holy men on every corner of the street. 7 o'clock ceremony along the Ganges
  Taj Mahal, 6 o'clock in the morning Taj Mahal, 5 o'clock in the afternoon
One of the four impressive entrance gates of the Taj Mahal Red Ford Agra, a master piece of Mogul art Palaces and gardens inside the ford
The master bedroom with flowers carved in the marmer. The baby Taj Mahal, as lovely as it's big sister. Street stall in Agra selling delicious sweets for the Diwali (light) festival.
View over Dehli from the Jamma Mashid Jamma Mashid Red Ford Dehli
One of the gates into the red ford of Dehli Spices and nuts on the streets in Dehli And the traffic drives you nuts in Dehli!
The golden temple of the Sikh in Amritsar Woman taking a stroll around the temple Praying in front of the golden temple
Contemplating Purifying his soul Temple guard
Bikaner ford looks more like a palace inside the ford Delfts blauw from Holland in one of the palaces
View over Bikaner, a dusty desert town The camel is a common view in Bikaner Singing women in the ford
Holy rats in Bikaner. Camel safari in the Tar dessert Unforgettable night with thousands of stars
Colleting firewood the camel driver A desert woman
Jaisalmer ford looks like a giant sand castle Inside the castle is the old town with beuatifull crafted stone houses, called cavalis

View over Jaisalmer from the ford, another dusty desert town in Rajastan

Market Holy men

Castle of the winds, Jaipur

Just married Water palace near Amer
Amer Ford Entrance to the Amer Palace Palace guards
Woman at a jewelry stall in Jaipur A giant black bear crossed the road in Madopur national park. Many monkeys at the road side in Madopur
Kathmandu main square Incredible architecture more architecture in the streets of Kathmandu
silver temple in Kathmandu Flute seller in Kathmandu Girls playing with water
Main square in the restored city of Baktapur You can ring my be-e-ell.... School children in Baktapur
animal stone figures in Baktapur traditional shophouses Buddha at the entrance of monkey temple, Kathmandu
Rhino in Chitwan national park, Nepal Mother and baby rhino Mother and baby elephant
Size extra large A refreshing bath with an elephant Not very comfortable