Homeward bound Febr'18 - Aug'18


Portugese man-o-war in the Gulfstream. We saw entire fleets! Upon arrival in Key West, the US Coast Guard was nowhere to be seen. And the Custom House appeared to be a museum. And we where not the only tourists!
The welcoming comittee Dinghy dock, very organised In memoriam of Hurricane Irma

Shipwreck museum

How many of these statues do they have in the US? How many replicas of the scooner "America" do they have in the US? But Sponge Bob seemed very original to us. Overnight sail to Miami. We timed our arrival well, just after sunrise
Approaching Miami Are you sure this is the way to go? I thought all fixed bridges had a clearance of 65 ft?! Oh oh, the VHF antenna!
Glad we are well insured for 3rd party liabilities These dinghies are our size! Fort Lauderdale, where the 1% live  
There are over a million alligators in the Everglades We saw them everywhere and up close Blue heron
Jezus bird Eyes bigger than his mouth A young osprey family Spoon bills?
A large variety of landscapes   No they are not dead. This is how cypresses look. Rain coming.
A visit to the Kennedy Space Center   The aft burners of the Apollo analogue technology!
The ICW between Port Canaveral and St Augustine Very shallow here yo bro!  
Castillo de San Marco, built in 1672 to protect St Augustine from pirates. Flaggler college, the former Ponce de Leon hotel, built as a luxury resort in 1888. Dutch tiles in St Augustine's cathedral "old" town
Rivers, creeks and marches around Savannah. What to make of "Runaway Negro Creek" ? And this is how it looks at ground level Isle of Hope, where the tide is the only time that matters Oak trees with Spanish moss in Wormsloe historic site
One of the many mansions in Savannah's historic district. Some are open to the public. 22 squares, a large park and a historic grave yard all down town Savannah! Old warehouses alongside the Savanna river front. Converted to restaurants and curio shops
For gator tail and fish baskets     Charleston, holy city, with 180 churches
mansion house in Charleston entrance to Boonhall plantation Boonhall mansion Boonhall slave quarters
a tiny little exhausted passenger on our way to Beaufort Wild horses at the anchorage in Beaufort more wild horses at the other side of the island Junk boats in Morehead City
Atlantic Crossing June - Aug'18
Leaving Beaufort 31st May Great circel route. Following first 36st then 38th lattitude. Nice westerlies 20-35 knots. 3 gale warnings Ripped our genua. Harry changing sails. Storm jib, high aspect and half winder, all on hanks Last 3 days in the Azores High
No wind, still going 0.9 knot. Must be the Gulfstream. Very frustrating. Nice sunsets  
Azores 21 st June - Aug'18
After 21 days we arrived in Faial. We got a place in Horta marina. Mt Pico in the background Wall paintings in Horta marina View over Horta marina and the anchorage Island tour with brother Jan
Flowers everywhere Green!    
A vulcanic eruption in 1958 created a moon landscape and made the lighthouse redundant     Steep cliffs at the east side of the island
approaching Velas on Sao George Tiny Velas marina on Sao George has the friendliest harbourmaster on earth The main square Pico Alto, on our way to Terceira
Angra de Heroisimo on Terceira is a world heritage site. The marina is down town. View from the marina We're the smallest  
  View over Angra First day with our Dutch friends Bert & Marjolein and we're ....... lost!! We found it, but..... it's closed.
Inside the vulcano pipe Terceira north coast Not a good anchorage... lago de 7 cidades, nr 1 tourist attraction on Sao George
The not-so-hot hotpools at Caldeira Velha Stunning views and great hiking around lake Canario flowers everywhere view over lake Fogo, Sao George
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