ABC islands and the Greater Antilles Oct'13-Jan'14


Annehei en Willem, our sailing mates on the trip from Grenada to Bonaire Their beautiful yacht "Meerlust" a 55 ft Contest Zwerver sailing down-wind with 2 head sails To Blanquilla is just an overnight sail
Mating dolfins around our boat Endless white beaches and cristal clear water Blanquilla Beach Art Dry and barren land
Happy hour at Meerlust "hey, you're anchored in my territory" One of the many beach combing treasures This bright orange sea star has spiky thorns on its bottom and weighs easily 1 kg
The "baby-pool" with the remarkable stone shapes in the background How may shades of blue do these islands have? Meerlust has by far the best kitchen on the island. Todays specialty: fresh tuna sashimi  
A picture of Meerlust taken from our mast the anchorage at Sarquis A salt pan at the isle of Sarquis Lots of natural art objects
a shrine , covered with sea shells and a real madonna with plastic flowers inside The windward side of the island Yellow-foot-boobies, gulls and fregatbirds  
Dinghy expedition in the lagoon of Espenqui   "Fasten your seat belt, ready for landing" Also Sarquis has a 30 degrees "baby-pool"
A red-foot- boobie colony on Aves Barlevento   This white fluffy chicken is bigger than its parents  
The first thing you see when approaching Bonaire are the Akzo salt works The former slave houses are now a monument Anchorage just off the boulevard of Kralendijk Checking-in is easy beans....... for the captains
No wind on our leg from Bonaire to Klein Curacao The light house of Klein Curacao Hey, a turtle in our swimming pool Just to prove that we were there
The photogenic waterfront of Punda, Willemstad connected to Otra Bande by the beautiful "pondjesbrug" named after Queen Emma The Zwerver crew enjoys the good things of civilisation. What calories? Ever seen one? Car wash blues or just gone fishing?
Anchorage at Spanish waters, early morning Flamingos Hiking with Timo to Bullenbaai  
Gigant cactus around Bullenbaai Blue Curacao Another hike with Timo, the dogs and friends Last time we saw Gerard was in 2004 in Uruguay
Yeah we made it... Reinhilde enjoys the view from Cabritz mountain View over Spanish waters entrance The after-party at Timo's floating home
Haitian fishermen on our approach to Ile a Vache Zwerver at anchor at Ile a Vache Local boats in Baye de Feret We received many visitors who all wanted a job
Jenel and Gerdi (13) introduced us to the village Kaiko's main street Local transport The tombs are sometimes more impressive than their homes
A hike through the interior Animal market at Madame Bernard Cargo ships at Madame Benard Weekly market at Madame Bernard
Why not buy your wedding dress at the market?   Mules waiting behind the market A sailing trip with a local fishermen ends in a row...
The Errol Flynn marina in Port Antonio, Jamaica The upscale neighborhood around the marina Down town Port Antonio... .... where the normal people live
Not sure what's "normal" though... ... but certainly colourful    
Fish traps in Oracabessa Fishing boat in Ocho Rios Two cruise ships daily in Ocho Rios Childres in St Ann's bay
Fruit stall in St Ann's bay A visit to the Bob Marley museum is a must. The legend lives on Bob Marley and his 7 sons