New York Canal System & Great Lakes: July'14 - Sept'14


The Hudson River, named after explorer Henry Hudson, runs 135 miles with a swift current of 2 knots from Statue of Liberty to Troy lock. It's a fairytale river with palaces and castles some splendidly restored, others in ruins The military academy Westpoint is a fortress in itself. After 9/11 no more mooring here
Historic lighthouses dating from the 19th century clearly inspired by Dutch design Some are a museum now, others have been transformed into a restaurant In Catskill we de-stepped our mast at the friendly and professionally run Riverview Marina Harry does the last finishing touch
Big ships produce large wakes. Let's hope everything has been tied up firmly Lock nr 7 in the Erie canal. We have gone up over 65 meters in half a day! Oops! What's the vertical clearance of this bridge? The radarpole and windgenerator are still standing up. Lots of recreational spots along the canals
The national hobby is fishing   Gov Cleveland was built in 1925 as an Ice breaker  
4th July Parade in Oswego Young and old are participating    
Ready to sail again, but where's the wind? Sailing boats returning to port, Rochester Sunrise Lake Ontario.... again no wind Sunset Lake Ontario, still no wind.... can't have it all
The Niagara river..... ... plunging in the Horse Shoe falls The Niagara falls at the US side Overlooking Canadian and US Niagara falls
Toronto's skyline, with the famous CN-tower, once the world's highest building. Club races in Toronto's Inner harbour The largest Chinatown in northern America Where we treated ourselves on delicious authentic dumplings
  In the Welland canal you need min 3 crew. Bob was not only competent but very pleasant to have on board. A freighter entering the Welland Canal. Sailing competition at lake Erie
Heavy industrialisation around Detroit city Approaching Detroit city Lake St Claire Rick provided maps, drove us around, invited us for supper and offered his shower. Just GREAT!!
Bay watch at Grand Bend, lake Huron   A foggy sunrise over lake Huron The fog didn't clear till noon
Catch of the day in Providence Bay, lake Huron. Trout, salmon and pink. Zwerver at anchor in Providence Bay The church as beacon Fishermen in North Channel, Lake Huron
Abeariginals Nature trail around Sault St Marie Rapids in the St Mary river Luckily there is a beautiful lock, dating 19 th century
The Canadian Air Force is ready for take off Railway swing bridges at Sault St Marie White fish bay, Lake Superior, USA Empty beaches at lake Superior, USA
Seeking shelter in Grand Marais, Lake Superior Grand Marais leading light This is Eric Thomas, service manager of Barker Island Marina, who raced his 28 ft Polar Bear without engine single handed to Hawaii
Heinz gave us a couple of health tips. Did you know that tabasco can save your life? View from our cockpit over the marina Duluth lift bridge Bye bye Zwerver, see you in Seattle