Cuba Jan - Mrt'14


Castillo El Morro at the entrance of Bahia de Santiago, our port of entry into Cuba View from the fort towards Jamaica where we came from View from the fort into the bay towards Santiago de Cuba View over Santiago de Cuba
Padre Pico the famous stone steps that lead to the upper part of town Street music at every square Music and dancing in Casa Traditional For many Cubans life is without music
Ruben and Ilena showed us around and helped us with the provisioning Our "machina particular", a '54 Chevie with Russian engine, had a flat tire Local transport in town El Cobre, the mother of all Cubans
Entering the lagoon of Chevirico through the narrow entrance in the reefs

Fishermen in Chevirico floating on tires

Leaving Chevirico at sunrise Local transport in Chevirico village
Anchorage in Portillo, where we dragged and grounded into the mangroves Che Guevarra, symbol of revolution, in Portillo Seeking shelter in Cabo Cruz for the northerly The Cabo Cruz light house
Ramon fills our water tanks. We thanked politely for the turtle though. Fresh oisters in a spicy tomato juice at 10 o'clock in the morning. Shrimpers on our way to Cayo Cuervos Dinner, lunch and breakfast for the coming days
Cayo Cuervos, one of the hundreds of un-inhabited islands in "Los Jardines de la Reina" Beachcombing Gulls and pelikans resting at the ruins of a fishing station Passing the narrow and shallow canal of Cayo Breton. All dead mangroves.
Ferrocemento nr 3176 brought us lobsters and a giant sea bass At sunset we were devoured by thousands of mosquitos. No escape possible. Cayo Machos de Fuera Home of thousands of heremite crabs
and hundreds iguanas   The Cienfuegos Yacht Club resembles a colonial palace (or a giant sugar cake) But the marina seems in a bit of disrepair
The gulls don't seem to care Nice restored buildings downtown Cienfuegos Che is overlooking the main square Trinidad, once the scene of the sugar barons, is now a Unesco world heritage site
We preferred the less touristical back streets where life goes on for him already for 100 years, he claims A capitalist! Tourists paying him 50 cts per foto.
Sugar field just outside Cienfuegos The light house of Cayo Guano Este, close to the bay of pigs, prohibited area An antique Antonov checking our whereabouts The lagoon at Cayo Largo
The biological station at Cayo Cantiles observes Korean monkeys. Salt lakes on Cayo Cantiles, home of flamingos and crocodiles Blue waters in Golfo de Batabano Paso de Quitasol. Where's the bloody marker?
Birds in the canal to Nueva Gerona Zwerver moored at the commercial dock in Nueva Gerona Street life in Nueva Gerona, capital of isla de Juventud Cooking gas filling station
George drives us around all over Isla de Juventud The entrance of Presidio Modelo, where Castro was imprisoned in 1953 4 separate "rondelos", 6 stories high where over 5000 prisoners where housed Nice project for Unesco? Nope, it's a military object.
Believe it or not, but "Marina" los Morros is a port of entry! Lost in los Morros Gone swiming Zwerver moored in Marina Hemingway, Havanna
Havanna, where the past comes alive, but the present stands still with it's many cathedrals... no less than 3 impressive forts... and shiny Buicks and Chevies
this is where the Cubans live many in one building simply living their life .... and doing their laundry on a monday
some have big dreams ...... others have seen it all first carefull steps into free enterprise working hard, but not moving forward
dreaming of a better future? view over Havanna empty harbour buildings waiting to be restored The old Hershey chocolate train still up and running
deserted factories around Hershey Matanzas is named after the massacre in 1628 by Dutch pirate Piet Heijn fishermen huts in Matanzas Mural paintings around Vinales
The limestone landscape of Valle de Vinales Tobacco fiels Drying the tobacco leaves a tobacco farmer