Central America July'13-Sept'13
The imposing El Castillo Maya pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico Lots of details of jaguars and serpents on the ruins Grupo de las Mil Columnas
The observatory in Chichen Itza Temple of the wind in Tulum, Mexico  

a lizzard warming up on the stones and Tulum has great beaches too  
Fishing boats in Belize City Downtown Belize City Caribbean houses in Belize
The striking Yaguar temple of Tikal, Guatemala The 550 sq km Maya site contains thousands of separate ruined structures. This is one of the plazas More ruins overlooking the grand plaza
Steep sided temples,rising to the heights of more than 61m. Towering pyramids above the jungle's green canopy in Tikal, Guatemala A cocodrillo in the Sacred Lake at the temple complex
we had to overcome some hurdles in the back of a pickup on a long bumpy road.... and climb a muddy jungle trail in central Guatemala but the beauty of Semuc Champey is stunning
and the perfection of the pools, which range from turqoise to emerald.... made it all worthwhile
Antigua, former capital of Guatemala, is a showpiece and the country's most visited destination the city boasts an asthonishing catalog of colonial relics in a magnificant setting inside the Merced convent is fountain 27m in diameter
this city has a vibrant culture ...   beautiful people
and colourful markets. Antigua was hit by several destructive forces like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods But despite that, the many old ecclesiastical structures retain tumbledown charm
The tranquil little town of Copan is a 20min stroll from the famous Maya ruins in Hunduras One of the most important of all Maya civilisations lived, prospered and mysteriously crumbled here. The remains of thousands of structures have been found in this area
Remarkable sculptures and hieroglyphics but 85% is still burried under ground We saw many birds, butterflies and monkeys.
Gracias, a charming sleepy mountain town in Honduras where we met "Willy" (Guillaume) who took us in his car to the fort and the hot springs View over Grenada a colonial town in Nicaragua
The churches in Grenada are connected to eachother by an underground tunnel system a few relaxing days on the vulcanic island Ometepe in Nicaragua, where nothing seems to happen near sunset over lake Ometepe, dosing off in our hammocks
View into the steaming crater of vulcan Poas, Costa Rica Poas crater lake Paddling through a maze of canals in national park Tortuguero, Costa Rica
We saw crocs, turtles, howler monkeys and many birds    
Border crossing between Costa Rica and Panama. Watch your steps, some planks are missing Panamas highest point around Boquete is famous for its mountain-grown gesha coffee, this international award winner costs $300 per pound. After the coffee tour we went to the hot springs.
Panama City Casco Viejo, the old town, is now a world heritage site But at least 50% of the buildings badly need some repair. They are now occupied by illegal squatters.
Sailing yachts anchored at the Pacific side of the canal, almost down town Panama City 100 Years Panama Canal A tanker enters the Miraflores locks at the Pacific side.
Portobello, a laid back Caribbean fishing village, is a popular hangout for yachties One of the fortresses which had to protect Portobello from attacks by pirates and yes, close to the end of our "holiday" we got a little homesick
In Panama these colourful painted buses are nicknamed "diablos rojos" (red devils) Cartagena, the most beautiful city in Columbia, used to be an impregnable port a chain of forts and elaborated walls helped to save Cartagena from several sieges
nowadays this fashionable city is Columiobia's nr1 tourist attraction To see art you don't have to go to a museam it's everywhere, on every street
Many beautiful squares and flower-bedecked balconies Almost every street is postcard-worthy scene there are fruitsellers....
and other streetvenders places in the shade to read the news paper while your shoes are being polished plenty of places to rest and drink a batido (fresh fruit juice) or eat a ceviche.