Terug in de Carieb Oct'16 - Jan'18


At anchor behind the reef in Aruba Not much going on here Fort Beekenburg overlooking Curacao's south coast  
Lots of rain this year in Curacao, very unusual View from Fort Beekenburg Giant cactus around fort Beekenburg (and the rest of the island)

Altar at the fishery harbour at Spanish Waters

detail strange boat names Through the "Pondjesbrug" in Willemstad Passing the "Isla", the former Shell refineries. Largest employer on the island, but good for 18 kills a year.
View from the anchorage in Bonaire Goto lake Bonaire the other side Traditional fishfarm
Hundreds of flamingos. You need a good eye to see them ... or a good lens the former Akzo salt pans a former slave hut, accomodates 8
the door opening was kept low to keep them from running. Where to??!! wild donkeys and other dangerous species crossing the street 2 Mermaids and a vagabond. Josje & Gerard, last seen in .... 2003, Madeira.
Clouds over Klein Bonaire Bye, Bye Bonaire! This is cruising! Everything under control
Happy passenger at anchor in Kingston harbour His worship?! Shop/bar/restaurant in Port Royal
Fort Charles, partly built under supervision of Sir Henry Morgan   The giddy house. Charmaine proudly showing Morgan's mug in Port Royal
Seeking shelter behind Pigeon island, Portland Bight. Dark skies approaching fast Better hurry back to the boat The Jamaican coast guard: " Bob Marley was killed by the CIA, ja man, it's on social media"
Anchorage in Blackriver The dinghy dock at the entry of Blackriver Fishing village A river tour with George
Mangrove alley Hundreds of birds ao herons, egrits, Jezus birds and salt water crocodiles
Fisherman clearing his crab pots Further west along the south coast, Bluefield It gets kitchier near Negril Point Early morning near Lucea, west coast Jamaica
Club races in Montego Bay Company on our way to Cuba dag met een gouden randje  
View at the anchorage at Cayo Largo Lizard Island where the lizards live and before you know you have one on board
The research station at Cayo Cantilles has known better times Harry went shopping. A bottle of rum for.... yummy! Leonardo inspecting his lobster pot
The research station in Cayo Campo looks a bit better maintained and has a much nicer beach the resort in Maria la Gorda looks deserted

Garbage collection on a deserted beach

From sundowner......     ... to dinner
Bigger and more most of the time it was easy downwind sailing surfing into marina Hemingway
in safe waters watching the surf from land feels much better downtown Havanna  
Roof terras   taxi repair station Computer and phone repair shop
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