Alaska and British Columbia Oct'14 - Aug'15


Port Townsend waterfront Port Townsend light house Hudson Point Marina, our home for the winter months Our neighbours
View from Hudson Point with snow capped Mt Baker in the background Remains of the old loading docks Beach art Beach art in progress
At low tide you can walk over the beach to Fort Worden It's cold man! Kelp  
Winter has arrived in Juan de Fuca street Black Friday was followed by White Saturday. The marina shut-off the water while we had no watertank! End of season? Not for the North West man! Sunday, March 1st, Crossing the notorious Juan de Fuca street on a cold sunny winterday
Leaving Port Townsend and the Olympias behind us on starboard side we have a clear view of mt Baker approaching the San Juan Islands

No other boats but plenty of seals

The bonus of winter sailing: quiet anchorages Except when a seaplane lands next to your boat Crossing the Strait of Georgia from the Gulf Islands Approaching Vancouver. Looks like a frontal system is developing. Wonder why they call this Sun Shine coast.....
Cargo ships anchored at English Bay, Vancouver Passing historic Burrard bridge and entering False Creek Waiting at the customs dock, but the officials didn't want to see us. Wish we had taken more wine with us We anchored at False Creek, a prime location down town Vancouver
A seal colony in the Strait of Georgia The Kwatamus Totem Pole on Sechelt peninsula is overlooking the Skookumchuck narrows An nice hike through a forest of moss-covered cedars skirts peaceful Brown lake and leads to the rapids Skookumchuck is a Chinook word for "powerfull" and chuck means "salt water". We witnessed a large ebb tide of 12 knots.
This bay is far too deep to anchor. Carefully we rafted alongside a floating field of logheads. But uh.... any idea how to tie up? We picked a very cold and rainy day to transit the Jervis inlet, a deep fjord that cuts 40 miles into the Canadian mainland But the reward is here. Princess Louisa inlet is a truly stunning fjord with 2000m high granite walls rising out of the water The melting snow creates hundreds of waterfalls
The Chatterbox falls at the head of the inlet Desolation Sound with its maze of inlets, hideaways and breath taking vistas Rocky beaches with lots of driftwood Hwy 101 better known as the Pan-American highway, starts in Puerto Montt (Chile) and ends in Lund (BC).
Small inlet at Neville Indian burial grounds in Alert Bay .... Symbolic for what happened to Canada's First Nation..
Alert Bay's colourful waterfront looks great from a distance Close-up it's all a bit shabby A fishing boat joins us at the anchorage, waiting for a front to pass Sunrise over Charlotte Sound,BC
Early morning in Furry Cove, Fitz Hugh sound,BC Zwerver on a collision course with an orca He decides that we're not interesting enough and turns around A float plane lands in front of the Big House in Klemtu
We moored at the old fish cannery of Butedale, where we saw our first bear 10% of the black bears in this area have a gen defect. The indians call this white black bear the Spirit Bear Finally fair winds, Alaska here we come! Approaching Ketchikan, AK, ready for US customs
Ketchikan, Alaska's first town Ketchikan's former red light district, where both men and salmon came upstream to spawn. Fog Woman, lets the fog disappear in her hat and retrieves salmon instead. Spider art in Meyers Chuck
Narrow entrance at Meyers Chuck at low tide Snow capped mountains in Clarence street moored at the deserted ranger's post in Anan bay Anan Bay
It's not the season yet, but we saw a black bear at Anan Bear Observatory America's national bird the bald eagle is on the endangered species list. 40.000 of the remaining 50.000 species live in Alaska. They are everywhere! Fishing boats in Petersburg Historic Norwegian houses in Petersburg
Fisherman's house in Petersburg Stephens Passage is favorite hangout for whales they performed for us from dawn till dusk  
  and even followed us into the anchorage We are entering Tracy arm, a 25 mile deep fjord bergy bits from the Sawyer Glaciers in Tracy Arm
they come in all shapes and colours the glassy ones are difficult to spot. We hit only a few... Glad we didn't paint the hull. this one is about to topple over
The head of south Sawyer glacier is blocked with ice North Sawyer's head is almost ice free we approached the mouth as far as we dare. Bits are falling off with a loud bang sailing on the rocks
One of the many prestine anchorages in Stephens passage

Looking for the grizzly bear at the old cannery in Taku harbor

View on the Mendenhall Glacier from Oak Bay harbour, Juneau, Alaska's capital A harbour seal watches our mooring activities
Hiking around the Mendenhall glacier Harry at Mendenhall glacier, on a warm sunny day in May Glacier ice cooling off at the Mendenhall waterfall
Icy street lighthouse leaving the calm anchorage to find fog and white caps in Icy street. These submerged rocks easily can become a tin opener. a sea otter mum carrying her new born pup  
A stellar sea lion colony in Glacier Bay   There are over 1000 glaciers in Glacier Bay. Most are high in the mountains. About 11 tidal glaciers left. At anchor facing Reid Glacier. Feeling so small and insicnificant.
View from the anchorage, early morning Ice water in our boots! stranded Ice cube for our gin-tonic
Giant snow balls Quencing our thirst at the melting ice. cold feet Hopkins glacier is the most active one, and restricted for boats because the seals are pupping on the ice
approaching Margerie glacier the arctic explorer.... posing in front of the Margerie glacier 30m sheer ice walls
We had to make space for the float plane The inner harbour of Elvin Cove, a community of 10 in winter and 50 in summer approaching Pelican Pelican's waterfront. Otters playing in the harbour.
No streets, just one long board walk in Pelican but they had a fantastic marina with hot showers at Chichagof island we anchored off an abandoned gold mine we found lots of interesting stuff but no gold
amidst a pod of hunting orcas we counted min 10 plus a baby Orcas don't dive like whales and we never saw a tail. They surface with the sound of a pressure coooker a fishing boat returning to Sitka harbour
a large fishing fleet in Sitka. Our neighbour shared a royal piece of his best king salmon with us The Russian orthodox church is Sitka's icon Approaching Baranof Warm springs bay at the public dock in Baranof Warm Springs Bay
The public bath house in Baranof with views on the waterfall and the boat. The tubs were large enough for "car pooling". relaxing in the hot pools... 145 degr Fahrenheit!! More moderate temperatures closer to the roaring icy Baranof river. a short hike to tranquil Baranof lake
A humpback whale broaching next to us in the anchorage He stayed there the entire rainy morning and came that close that we could see the bait fish in his mouth! 4 brown bears combing the beach in Red Bluff bay, central Chatam Street Suddenly they came towards us
Mother Grizzly warns her cub of our presence Reluctantly she follows mom into the bushes A young bold eagle keeps a sharp eye on us In Keku strait, just 5 miles short of Kake, our propeller shaft came loose.
Glad we got a tow between those dangerous reefs and currents. Seine fishers repairing their nets. Crabbers preparing their pots for tomorrow's start of the season. hundreds of sea otters in Rocky pass, becoming a nuisance to the crab fishers a narrow and shallow passage on Prince Wales island
a whale nourishing next to us in the anchorage Zwerver at the public float in Graig a sport fisher cleans a 200 pound halibut bald eagles soaring over our heads, fighting for the fish scraps
  At anchor in El Capitan passage A Watchman in Hydaburg Totem park in Hydaburg
Departing Dundas island at sunrise Fog patches at Green Island Jean on Rover (USA) hoisting our Dutch flag at Canada day. We got their Alaskan flag. Fishermen children enjoying themselves with a piece of foam in Prince Rupert harbour
Bald eagles and dear combing the beach in the marina at low tide   Kelp marking the submerged rocks at the entrance of Sea otter cove, where we softly kissed the rocks the rugged coast of west Vancouver Island
Fog patches at the West coast of Vancouver Island moored at the public float in Winter harbour a fishing shed Conclave. "I say we stay put, the weather sucks!"
Enjoying a warm bath in Hot Springs Bay with stinking hot natural showers A traditional canoe moored in Clayoquot Sound Excursion with the Rampart crew to the Cedar trees of life at Meares island in Clayoquot Sound
And they are larger than life. The biggest at the west coast Someone had a creative moment Harry and Dave at the native dinghy dock Checking the propeller after we dragged a crab pot with us
The legislator in Victoria Bob de Roos, born in Holland, proudly drove us around his new home town area on Vancouver island Back in Juan de Fuca street, where we started our NW adventure 5 months ago  
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